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"Vinylize began because we wanted to make eyewear on a recyclable basis. We experimented by making old vinyl records into frames. The process has been refined over a number of years into a stylish and sophisticated product.

​Some vinyl is valuable because of the content but not all and it's those unwanted vinyl records that instead of just being thrown  into landfill we remake  into unique and very wearable eyewear.  
We have our own special method of joining vinyl with cellulose acetate which took many years of trial and error to perfect. An example of which you can see detailed in this photo.

Our frames are all stamped with our guaranteed "Handmade in Hungary" trademark.

​​European styled and made with our personal two year warranty.
At Vinylize we believe that music has the power to transcend borders and open minds. We believe that no other company fuses style, music and recycling more perfectly than Vinylize.
Vinylize is hand made by Tipton Eyeworks in Budapest Hungary."









                                            only dealer in Italy